Invoice Factoring and Discounting

Shortens the time it takes you to get paid for goods or servicing rendered, boost your working cash flow or invest in new opportunities with Invoice factoring and Invoice discounting.

Here are some of the industries we have helped recently

  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale and Retail trade
  • Transportation and distribution
  • Construction
  • Export/currency
  • Printing
  • Recruitment
  • Aerospace
  • Business to business


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Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting


Invoice Financing shortens the time it takes you to get paid for goods or servicing rendered by raising finance against the value of outstanding unpaid invoices, boosting your working cash flow. The funds raised can be advanced for any purpose.

By utilising an invoice factoring line through one of our lending providers, we are able to release up to 90% of the value of any outstanding invoices on the basis of a rolling facility.

Charleston Financial will arrange your invoice factoring facilities with no upfront fees or brokerage fees payable to us at any point of the transaction, we are paid by the lending provider directly on completion of a successful facility, therefore reducing your exposure to fees

How it works

  1. You provide the products or services to your customer and invoice them as normal
  2. The invoice details are then sent to the invoice finance provider
  3. As part of your invoice financing agreement a percentage of the value of the invoice is paid to you, usually within 48 hours
  4. Depending on the type of invoice finance, either you will carry out payment chasing as normal (invoice discounting) or the invoice finance provider will take control of this part of your client relationship for you (invoice finance) again this is a pre agreed arrangement as part of your facility in place

When your debtor pays, the remainder of the invoice that you didn’t receive earlier is paid back to you – less the lenders service fee

What terms can we help you achieve

Our lending partners provide you with bespoke pricing depending on your individual circumstances, the key benefits of which are:-

  • Simple and transparent pricing
  • Clear, fast decision making
  • Straight forward terms and conditions
  • Access to other financial options including trade finance and asset finance

Below are examples of how invoice factoring can be used

Example 1

  • New start Recruitment company needing support with cashflow to pay wages & suppliers
  • Application payments
  • £90K Factoring facility offered with 60% initial prepayment

Example 2

  • Management buy out
  • director buying out co-director, needing to raise £550K from a £1,1M ledger
  • Construction and manufacturing business
  • Invoicing on completion of works
  • £850k Invoice factoring facility offered with a 90% prepayment covering fund required to complete the management buy out

Next Steps

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