What does NACFB Membership mean

Charleston Financial is dedicated to providing its customers and introducers with a high standard of service and professionalism. We are directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide advise on regulated mortgage contracts and general insurance products, however most commercial mortgages do not come under the protection of the Financial Services Authority, as such in order to show our commitment to maintaining our high services standards, we are also members of the NACFB (The National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers.

All members of the NACFB are required to abide by a NACFB code of practice under which they must:-

  • not seek or acquire business using methods which are, or are likely to be, perceived to be oppressive, dishonest, deceitful, misrepresentative, or in any other manner contrary to the objectives of the NACFB
  • not propose to a potential client terms and conditions for the provision of services which are anything other than fair and reasonable
  • use all due diligence, and take such action as is necessary and appropriate, in protecting their clients interests
  • at all time respect (and ensure that staff do likewise) the confidentiality of information supplied to them in the course of their business
  • at all times only refer proposals to reputable funders
  • give competent advice to clients having first considered appropriate comparable products on their behalf


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