Best Buy To Let Mortgage

Currently there are 100’s of products available for all buy to let mortgages, from trackers, variables, discounts to fixed, with fixed being the most applied for product based on the current low rate environment, this includes mortgages for multi unit blocks, HMO’s and commercial investment properties.

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When considering different products, at Charleston, we are able to source the cheapest headline rate for you, but also ensure that the “other” costs associated with the mortgage are also the most competitive when combined with the rate you are being offered, for example;

  • Lenders arrangement fee – upfront, added or deducted? – What affect will this fee have to your overall interest if you decided to add the fee to your mortgage?

  • Legal fees – does the lender offer a free legal package? – Are you best taking this and what effect does this have on other costs?

  • Valuation/survey fees - does the lender offer a valuation package? – Are you best taking this and what effect does this have on other costs, do you want or need a home buyers or a more in depth structural survey?

  • Lender Admin fees – is there an additional admin fee to the lender?

  • What is the follow on rate after the initial term (SVR)?, This again is important as whilst it is easy just to think that you will switch on to another rate at the end of the initial period which is the outlook most people take, however, you need to consider how you may be affected if your circumstances change, or if the mortgage market was to change. We will make sure that the product you are matched with, takes this into account ensuring against becoming a “mortgage prisoner” in years to come

  • Interest only – or capital repayment.

Above are just a few of the basic questions that you need to ask yourself when looking at buy to let mortgage products. These are questions which our advisers consider every single day meaning we are in the best position to take care of these concerns on your behalf.

We are able to provide a "whole of market" mortgage offering, meaning that when you choose to work with us to arrange your buy to let mortgage, whether it be a single transaction, or if you become one of many “portfolio customers”, we can provide you instant access to all of the products that are available in the market whilst you benefit from our expert knowledge and experience to ensure you apply for the most suitable product to your personal needs.