Who can apply for a commercial mortgage?

Anyone that has the understanding that your monthly mortgage repayment is sustainable along with the potential growth of your business, i.e. individuals, limited companies, SPV’s and offshore entities.

The standard process for applying for a commercial mortgage is that an application is submitted by the customer, in turn the relevant property is valued and then, if approved, a mortgage offer is issued by the lending institution.

As every lending institution is different the information required by them varies.  However, a typical example of qualifying information would be credit history and your experience, amount of loan required, what the purpose of the loan would be for, your ability to repay the loan and what security would be offered against the loan.

Some lenders may accept applicants or businesses with an adverse credit history but it does help if you can prove a clean credit history as this will enable a greater choice of lenders and a more competitive deal.

Even if you have been declined in the past, it helps to know why, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot apply in the future.

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