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Raising Capital Against Industrial Unit

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Commercial Refinance - Capital Raising Post Covid

Our client owned a large unencumbered commercial industrial premises occupied by an associated family business.

The property was valued at £1,600,000 and the clients were looking to capital raise to repay director loans of £800,000.

Neither of the directors were homeowners and accompanied by the trading business type and the industrial nature of the property meant the clients were struggling to find a lender to accommodate them despite the strong trading business accounts, the high street banks not showing any interest in the current environment

Charleston presented a case to one of our commercial lenders as an Op-Co Prop-Co basis and who are keen to lend on industrial buildings.

We were quickly able to gain agreement to lend the full £800,000 on a variable rate at 4.8%. 


 Product Type

Commercial Mortgage

 Property Type

Industrial Unit


July 2021

 Loan to value


 Property Value





Financial Package Delivered


 Charleston Advisor

Andrew Blackwell

 Loan Manager

Karen Ford


Allica Bank




50% LTV

 Interest Rate

4.80% Variable

 Repayment Type

Capital Repayment


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