Virgin Money

Virgin Money

Virgin Money is a no nonsense financial institution that operates under the umbrella of The Virgin Group and believes that a lot of modern banking is made more complicated and bewildering that it should be and involves the use of a lot of jargon. Their aim is to make everything related to and regarding their financial products as crystal clear and simple for their customers as possible to help business relationships establish on strong foundations of trust and understanding.

It is important to Virgin Money that each of their individual customers are more than just another number to crunch, but a person too. This is why Virgin Money Lounges keep being opened up around the country for their customers, providing them with Wi-Fi and free refreshments.

As a financial institution, Virgin Money appreciates the amount of positive difference small changes here and there can achieve. They sweat the small stuff, when it comes to their financial products such as first-time buyer mortgages and buy to let mortgages, so their customers don't have to. Despite being part of a bigger multi-sector and industry group, Virgin Money has been making quite the waves by winning a line of exciting rewards. They won the Best Online Mortgage Provider at the in 2016 and the Best Online Mortgage Provider again in 2017.

They offer:

  • Buy to Let mortgage products with a maximum LTV of as high as 75%
  • BTL mortgage products that are only available to customers who have a minimum personal income of £5,000 per annum. When it’s a joint application, the two incomes combined must be £5,000 minimum
  • BTL mortgages on properties that the income from rent covers a minimum of 145% of the mortgage interest, calculated using the notional 5.50% and 5.24% on products with five-year fixed rates
  • First time buyer mortgage products

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