Together Money has seen many changes in the lending world since it was founded back in 1974.

Now a specialist lender that offers personal, commercial and Buy-To-Let mortgages, as well as short-term finance, auction finance, and secured loans. Its team has never changed in its commitment to common sense lending.

Together - as it is better known - is what emerged in 2015 when its parent company Blemain Finance and Lancashire Mortgage Corporation pooled all lending arms under the one brand.

Previously, residential and commercial loans were offered through a number of different brands, including Cheshire Mortgage Corporation, Auction Finance and Bridging Finance.

The same products are now offered by Together. The idea of the new name was to reflect the way the team at the business works with its customers.

The key proposition of Together is that an individual approach is taken to each case, which often enables faster response times that has been a significant factor in the business's growth over the past 43 years.

The business looks at every case - however complicated - separately and afresh, and always endeavours to take each customer’s personal circumstances into account before attempting to see if there is any way to help.

Together aims to cater for a variety of customers in many different situations by providing the finance needed for them to move up, move in, start something and to get on.

As its name suggests, Together partners with its customers - who may be investors, homebuyers, landlords, property professionals, or small businesses - and a large network of intermediaries, who include brokers, solicitors, accountants, financial advisers and banks. The aim: to obtain the finance their clients need.

Together is regarded as one of the most financially stable and profitable businesses in the North West of England. It employs more than 460 people and values its loan book at more than £1.8 billion.

It offers:

  • Buy-To-Let mortgages
  • Bridging finance
  • Loans
  • Development Finance

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