Shawbrook Bank

Shawbrook Bank

Shawbrook is a relative newcomer to the banking world, but in just a few years has established its loan business as a darling of both press critics and industry watchers alike - winning an array of awards in the last few years.

Formed in January 2011 by some private investors, Shawbrook has dedicated itself to making savings products and loans available to retail and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) clients as an alternative to banks and other lenders that aren’t willing or able to respond quickly and efficiently providing credit facilities as they are needed. It was rebranded Shawbrook Bank in October 2011.

Through a series of acquisitions and a variety of other strategic moves to transparent and open governance, Shawbrook has positioned itself as a reliable and mainstream financial organisation.

It went public on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in April 2015, and took up membership of the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) two months later. This means it's now owned by the British public and other shareholders.

It offers:

  1. Commercial Mortgages, which provide conventional-term and short-term financing to residential and commercial property professionals, including investors. In Shawbrook's 2015 Customer Insight Survey the commercial mortgages division attracted a 78% customer satisfaction rating.
  2. Secured Lending, which gives access to a variety of secured loans through numerous products to near prime, prime, and super prime borrowers . As collateral the loans are backstopped against prime or investment residential properties.
  3. Asset Finance, which lends funds received through savings products to established SMEs, as well as healthcare businesses.
  4. Business Credit, offering loans to UK SMEs that generate between £2 million and £100 million in revenues.
  5. Consumer Lending, which offers unsecured loans for numerous consumer areas, including:
  6. Personal Loans offered through a network of selective lending partners
  7. Retail Savings, which offer individuals, businesses, trusts, and charities a convenient, easy, and transparent method for growing savings through vehicles that include:
    • Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs), which allow clients’ savings to grow without paying tax on interest earned on their savings
    • Easy Access Savings Accounts that provide convenient and flexible access to savings accounts online

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