Redwood Bank

Redwood Bank

Officially Redwood Bank's story began in 2015 with Gary Wilkinson and Jonathan Rowland, the co-founders meeting and developing a compelling but very simple business proposition for creating a completely new approachable and flexible business bank for Britain. Therefore, a relatively new player on the mortgage sector in the UK, Redwood Bank was established in August of 2017.

Often referred to as a challenger bank, as it is a rather small retail set up formed primarily with the intention of giving longer established and larger national banks competition. The organisation was launched with the goal of providing a high quality and great value alternative for medium sized and small businesses to find the help necessary to make their cash and property work harder on behalf of them. They provide clearly defined and simplified savings accounts and loans for all British businesses supported with an efficient system and fully bespoke service.

All of this is with the knowledge all the money is being re-invested into British businesses and the communities they are a part of. They want to make a genuinely positive different to their customers. They currently operate from two different offices in Warrington and Letchworth and focus their attention on lending to those respective local communities as well as the greater entirety of Britain. The values that guide their work are integrity, certainty, simplicity and tireless.

They offer:

  • Mortgages for business owners worth between £50,000 to £1.5 million in support of the refinancing or purchasing of business properties on secured properties throughout Wales, Scotland and England.
  • All mortgage products are available on a fixed term of anything from 2 to 20 years.
  • Interest only options are also available for all of their mortgage products.
  • LTV of as much as 70% on all mortgage products
  • Mortgages for professional landlords worth between £50,000 to £1.5 million for landlords looking to refinance or purchase commercial or residential properties.

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