Pepper Home Loans (Now Pepper Money)

Pepper Home Loans (Now Pepper Money)

Originally established in Australia in 2001, Pepper has been a leader in the market of asset management, third-party loan services and consumer finance business. They work with a whole range of different assets such as consumer finance, equipment finance, commercial loans and residential home loans.

In 2012 Pepper opened a London office to put to good use its successful track record and market expertise to acquire loaning servicing platforms and financial assets across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy and across other specific European areas. Since then Pepper UK, or Pepper Home Loans as it was formerly known as, has become a leader in loan services for the UK, supplying hand crafted financial services to banking clients and investors.

They have also won countless awards in the lending and finance industry for their buy to let and residential mortgages through Pepper Home Loans. For example, Pepper Home Loans was awarded the highly coveted Moneyfacts Awards Best Specialist Mortgage Provider of 2017 and the What Mortgage Awards of 2017's Best Specialist Lender. Pepper Home loans has now changed its name to Pepper Money, in keeping with the umbrella organisation name and receives its funding and backing from the global organisation known as The Pepper Group.

They offer:

  • Buy to Let loans
  • Residential mortgages
  • DMP or Debt management plans
  • Residential rates start from 2.28%
  • Buy to let rates start from 3.13%
  • Residential loans with an LTV of as much as 85%
  • No maximum value for applicants with defaults or CCJs
  • Loans worth as much as £1 million
  • No credit checks and credit scoring
  • Self-employed applicants accepted, as long as they have been trading for at least 1 year
  • Buy to let loans with LTV of as much as 805
  • Free legal aid with all mortgage products

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