One Savings Bank

One Savings Bank

Rather than being just one individual organisation, One Savings Bank actually consists of a collection of specialised financial service providers including notable and reputable names in the sector such as Kent Reliance, Inter Bay Commercial, Heritable Development Finance, Prestige Finance, Guernsey Home Loans, Jersey Home Loans and OSBIndia. Although individuals, the sum of One Savings Bank's parts capitalise on their collective expertise. Working together with a single group lending policy and overarching risk appetite across their borrowers and brands.

One Savings Bank began trading in the form of a bank on 1st of February 2011 and received admittance to the London Stock Market during June 2014 and then joined FTSE on June 2015. They are based in the Kent city of Chatham and trades in the UK primarily under the brands Heritable Development Finance, Prestige Finance, InterBay Commercial and Kent Reliance. Additionally, it has a presence on the Channel Islands in the form of Guernsey Home Loans and Jersey Home Loans. With over 150 years or heritage, as the trading name Kent Reliance can be traced by to 1847. They subscribe to the Financial Ombudsman Service and Financial Services Compensation Scheme.


They offer:

  • Specialised lending with a focus on mortgage lending to SMEs, entrepreneurs and consumers
  • Sub-sector market specialists to lead in into the private rental Buy to Let sector to individuals and limited companies. Targeting mainly professional and experienced landlords or individuals with a high net worth and extensive and established portfolios of property
  • Mortgages to individuals and limited companies on Commercial and semi-commercial properties
  • Development finance for residential properties to medium and small sized developers.
  • Hand crafted specialised residential lending
  • Additional funding lines or loans to other financial organisations that aren't banks, to be used against lease and mortgage portfolios.
  • 2nd charge residential bridging lending and shared ownership

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