Octane Capital

Octane Capital

Octane Capital is a relatively new name to the world of UK financial lenders. It was established in May 2017, but despite its infancy, it has a wealth of experience shared by its senior team. In 2009, Jonathan Samuels, Mark Posniak, Matt Smith and Robert Graham lent over £2bn on 4,000 loans as Dragonfly Property Finance, some of which were incredibly tricky and it is the very same team operating as the main team under the banner of Octane Capital now.

Octane Capital's approach to lending is to see LTV as just one aspect and that loans are all individual and unique. Octane doesn't believe therefore in having a product sheet try to establish what the best lending solution is for a client. As Octane Capital don't consider themselves a bank, they don't act like one either. They will consider all credit histories even if they are adverse and find a hand-crafted solution to help clients sell or refinance.

They offer:

  • Residential and commercial bridging finance of anything between £200,000 and £25,000,000 and even more
  • For all residential properties, semi-commercial properties, commercial properties and sites or lands with planning
  • Short term loans of periods up to and including 24 months
  • No exit fees
  • Options for flexible interest
  • Bridge to Let loans ranging between 750,000 and 25,000,000 and more
  • Rental income for 100% coverage of pay rate after bridge
  • Buy to Let loans of as much as £200,000 and £25,000,000 and more
  • Fast decisions on Buy to Let loans - they review applications instantly and provide credit-back fast solutions
  • Any interest, serviced or partially retained payment combination and fully flexible
  • All financial products to limited companies, offshore companies, partnerships, trusts and individuals.
  • Loans to Ex-pats and foreign nationals
  • Tailor made periods of bridging and flexibility when it comes to structuring

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