NatWest (formerly the National Westminster Bank) is a UK commercial and retail bank. Established in 1968 it currently has thousands of branches throughout the country.

While Lloyds is the largest in England, NatWest is the biggest bank in the UK as a whole. As a result NatWest offers an abundance of options to clients, from a simple current account to the most complex solution for businesses trading in this country and overseas.

NatWest aims to cater for everyone and businesses of all sizes and ages. New businesses that choose to bank with NatWest are treated to generous introductory packages including no service charges for the first two years, no arrangement fees for any business loans, and no annual fees on the business credit card for the first year.

For those customers who require a loan, NatWest aims to streamline the process. Taking the amount needed and the time frame available, a trained adviser helps customers calculate flexible plans to allow the money to be paid back with as little effort and stress as possible. NatWest does not add any arrangement fees.

When it comes to commercial mortgages NatWest offers a choice of loan, where customers can borrow from £25,001 upwards. They also offer options with regard to the interest rate applied, with fixed and variable rates allowing customers to tailor their repayments to suit their specific circumstances.

Borrowing is fee-free, with no arrangement fees for new borrowing, regardless of the amount borrowed.

Repaying is set up on a flexible basis. This means that customers can ask for capital repayment holidays should they need to re-direct their finances. Of course, interest is still being applied during the repayment holiday, and a customer's regular monthly payment may be increased subsequently.

The adjustable repayment term allows borrowers to repay their loan over any period up to 25 years.

To help borrowers, NatWest assigns each customer expert assistance whether the business in question is moving for the first time, or shifting to bigger premises or just switching mortgages to take advantage of a better deal.

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