Nationwide started life as early back as 1846 in the form of Provident Union Building Society, that then became Northampton Town & County Freehold Land Society and the co-operative movement in London. After various mergers, crucially with the Anglia Building Society, Nationwide became one of the biggest mutual financial institutions in the country, the second biggest provider of mortgages in the UK and one of the country's biggest providers of savings.

As an organisation built on the goal of allowing hard-working ordinary people to borrow and save money for materials, land and property as a mutual society remains at its core today. Despite the changes faced by the world in the 20th and 21 centuries, Nationwide has continued to be dependable, stable and solid. They appreciate the importance of getting a mortgage and everything connected to it and will support residential clients at every step of the process. Nationwide was recently awarded the title of Which? Banking Brand of the Year 2017 and has won countless other industry and watchdog awards over the years.

They Offer:

  • First time buyers with Nationwide that are not already members have a minimum borrowing amount of £25,000, whereas if they are already a member, it is £5,000.
  • Tracker mortgages to ensure the minimum interest will never fall below a specific rate, even when the base rate of the Bank of England does.
  • Part and Part mortgages and Interest only mortgages that allow buyers the chance to change the repayment method.
  • LTV of between 90% and 85% depending on what you are borrowing.
  • £500 cashback for first time buyers who take a mortgage out with Nationwide.
  • Family deposit mortgages to help if a buyer is struggling to get onto the property ladder
  • 5% deposit mortgages for first time buyers who have used the Save to Buy Savings Account, Save To Buy ISA or Help to Buy ISA to save money for their home.

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