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Clydesdale Bank

Clydesdale Bank is a financial organisation with a long history in the industry. Having been originally established in Glasgow back in 1838, Clydesdale Bank is still strongly supportive of the Scottish community while offering products to suit the needs of today's international community.

Offering a host of varied and flexible banking products, Clydesdale Bank offers commercial lending to companies and investors who are buying premises or remortgaging property for their company's use. Offering an expert service in the banking industry, Clydesdale Bank offers a relationship-based approach to facilitate efficient decision making, simple banking and flexible options to meet the name of individual organisations.

Clydesdale focuses on offering a full range of products to meet the needs of different companies and to drive forward development and growth.

Clydesdale Bank offers:

  • Commercial property Investment solutions – ideal for investors who are ready to purchase or improve their business premises, the Clydesdale Bank commercial mortgage is available to borrowers who are looking for loans of over £25,000. Suitable for commercial clients who either wish to upgrade to larger premises, who wish to purchase a new property, or who just want to improve their current commercial mortgage deal, Clydesdale Bank's commercial mortgage is available on a repayment term of up to 20 years with an optional capital repayment holiday of as long as 5 years to boost the business' cash flow. Both interest only and capital and interest repayment options are available to suit the needs of all businesses and clients may choose from either a fixed rate of up to five years, or alternatively, a combination of variable and fixed rates (LIBOR only). Clients are permitted to borrow up to 70% of the property's LTV with speedy access to funds once security and approval are in place.

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