As a mainstay lender within the short term financial market with more than 10 years of experience, Affirmative provides development and bridging loans to serve the needs of property investors, developers, financial intermediaries, self-build enthusiasts and other individuals and business who require short term lending.

Affirmative offers:

  • Asset purchase bridging finance - available from £10,000 up to £5 million with a 75% LTV ratio to enable the purchase of small or large essential assets.
  • Auction finance – facilitating the purchase of a property at auction, short term loans of up to £5 million are available to meet the tight timescales necessary for this form of purchase.
  • Buying before selling – bridging loans of between £10,000 and £5 million are available for those who are buying a new property before selling their old one.
  • Cashflow loans – short term loans of £10,000 to £5 million available to cover temporary cashflow situations such as clearing overheads, covering late customer credit payments, renovation of business premises or repairs to unexpected structural problems.
  • Commercial property loans – short term loans of £10,000 to £5 million with funds available within 24 hours.
  • Consumer Buy To Let Loans
  • Discounted Purchase Finance – swift processing of bridging loans between £10,000 and £5m
  • Downsizing Loans – with no age restrictions, this short-term loan of between £10,000 and £5m allows downsizers the option to move without rushing to sell their existing home.
  • Tax liability bridging loans – short term loan to cover tax bill costs.
  • Unmortgageable property loans – short term finance between £10,000 and £5 million to purchase a property which would otherwise be unmortgageable.
  • Quick purchase bridging loan – for rapid property purchases, short term bridging loans are available between £10,000 and £5 million.

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