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Interbay Bank - Specialist Commercial Mortgage Lender


The range of expertise at specialist mortgage lender Interbay Commercial is in both commercial and Buy-To-Let mortgages, particularly those complex ones that some lenders are wary of touching.

A subsidiary of OneSavings Bank since 2012, InterBay was able to return to lending as a result of the takeover by the Kent-based OSB.
Interbay is known as a player in the small balance commercial arena and aims to help intermediaries’ grow and diversify their business portfolios.

The business focuses on building on its partnerships with packagers and widening its range of products, concentrating on borrowers in the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME)market.

With its Buy to Let (BTL) mortgage range as well as in the mortgages it offers investors in the houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs) sector, Interbay has now adopted a one-tier approach to pricing.

This is in line with changes the specialist lender has made to its Commercial and Semi-Commercial propositions. It means in the BTL and HMO areas, landlords borrowing less than £500,000 are seeing a reduction of up to 0.65 percent.

Borrowers in the Commercial and Semi-Commercial areas, with larger loans and demonstrable assets, have also seen the pricing reduced by up to 0.65 per cent.

Interbay Commercial's parent company, One Savings Bank (OSB), which itself began trading as a bank in February 2011, is a specialist lender that concentrates on specially selected sub-sectors of the lending market.

Specialist mortgage products, supported by an established and stable retail savings franchise, are the OSB's main areas of focus.

Being dedicated to the task of building long-term customer relationships has paid off as the bank is consistently given high customer satisfaction scores.
OSB was admitted to the London Stock Exchange's main market in June 2014 and became a member of the FTSE 250 index in June the following year.

What OSB is interested in are those market sub-sectors which other lenders tend to shun but which offer attractive risk-adjusted returns and high growth potentials in where it has expertise and can take a leading position.

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