Fleet Mortgages Broker Criteria Update

by Charleston Financial

Gifted deposits will be allowed if from immediate family member (mother / father / sibling / grandparent)
Bank statements will be needed to show source of funds.
A solicitor must obtain ID from the giftor and written confirmation that this is a non-refundable gift and the Giftor will have no interest in the property.

· Minimum valuation for HMOs and Ex-local authority
£100,000 for properties outside London and South East Regions.
£150,000 for properties inside London and South East Regions.

· Maximum aggregate exposure
Maximum LTV will be 60% up to £2,000,000, and 55% up to £5,000,000.

· Property minimum external floor area

· Flats above / adjacent to commercial
Flats no longer need to be situated in a city centre location.

· Accepted building certificates
If built within the last 10 years, 2 certificates have been added to the accepted certificates list:
CRL Warranty Scheme and ICW Warranty Scheme.

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